Technology Driven Transportation

NTI is a national transportation system, offering contract bus (buses for your hotel, university, company, organization, city or county), airport shuttles, and luxury sedans and SUVs.

New York City

In NYC, we offer Luxury Coaches, Mini Coach Buses & Airline Crew Shuttles.  We also provide Shuttles, Sedans & SUVs through our brand.

Los Angeles

I​n LA, we offer Mini Coach Buses and Airline Crew Shuttles. We also provide Shuttles, Sedans & SUVs to the public through our brand.

San Diego

In San Diego, we offer Mini Coach Buses and Airline Crew Shuttles. We also provide Shuttles, Sedans & SUVs to the public through our brand.

Las Vegas

In Las Vegas, we offer Mini Coach Buses and Airline Crew Shuttles. We also provide Shuttles, Sedans & SUVs to the public through our brand.

airport shuttle nyc

All of our cities, besides offering contract buses, offer Shared Ride Shuttles, Exclusive Shuttles, Sedans & SUVs through the brand.

Pick Smart Transportation Options

Intelligent Consolidation Is The Key

Through efficient, environmentally sensitive transportation, National Transportation Inc. relieves on-road congestion, reduces trip and fuel usage, and provides a high level of convenience for customers.

By consolidating multiple private passenger shuttle systems into a single operation, we make traveling more convenient. Intelligent consolidation factors in environmental preservation and efficiency of use for both clients and their customers.

Big Outsourcing Advantages

Outsourcing city transport is the practical choice for individual and group travelers, as well as companies transporting employees in and around the city. With transporting tasks outsourced, companies can now:

  • Avoid employee claims
  • Avoid passenger injury claims
  • Eliminate more capital expenses
  • Eliminate property damage claims
  • Enhance the ridership experience
  • Improve operating performance standards
  • Modernize existing transport fleets
  • Promote sustainability goals
  • Reduce operating and service costs

Award-Winning Fleet Dispatching Technology

Our award-winning technology (APEX award 2011) and hospitality-style driver training, are instrumental in enabling an enhanced ridership experience. We combine this with software designed by NTI to manage every vehicle each minute of every day.

Aided by real-time GPS vehicle location, we can display "your bus" information in:

  • Public Information Kiosks
  • Bus Stops and Load Zones
  • Transit-Style Vehicle Signage
  • Audio Announcement Systems

The deployment of a GPS-enabled digital signage network throughout the buses and our clients' properties allows us to:

  • Inform and engage departing and arriving passengers
  • Provide relevant hotel and airport information
  • Feature casual display advertisements

In the Works

We’re currently inventing intelligent way-finding apps for airports envisioned to inform travelers about service delivery in real-time. To ensure that no trip is made unless it serves a traveler, we are evaluating interactive consoles. This allows travelers to tell the bus system where they are and where they want to go, automatically.

Innovative Methods

Trip Reduction Modeling

Through custom-designed software, that NTI has developed internally, we can determine the highs and lows of passenger transportation needs throughout the day. This lets us know when to send more or fewer buses, streamlining costs, road congestion, and emissions waste.

Maximum Capacity Utilization

Once we determine the number of travelers at a hotel, and how many people we’ll move a day, we can arrange for the best size bus and the ideal number of them to use per day. As with Trip Reduction Modeling, the goal here is to minimize the number of trips to lower costs, road congestion, and emissions.

Alternative Fuels

By using the most appropriate alternative fuels for the vehicles that best serve your business, we can lower toxicity levels in the air while providing efficient service.

About Our Company

National Transportation, Inc. (NTI) began as the brainchild of Jim Gleich and John Kindt. Jim and John have over 50 years of combined ground transportation experience, but still had "unfinished business" in creating the best ground transportation systems and services.

Technology is changing ground transportation, something that is very exciting to Jim and John. So they created NTI in early 2019, and have continued to acquire ground transportation companies since then to build a footprint of different  transportation options including:

  1. Contract Busing - we contract with entities to do their bus transportation for an extended time, usually multi-year (under the NTI brand).
  2. Airport Shuttle - shared-ride form, the most affordable choice; or exclusive to just one party of passengers (under the VanGo brand).
  3. Black Car - luxury sedans and SUVs (under the VanGo brand).
  4. Taxi service - A conventional taxi that is both fun and carbon footprint small.

Cleaner, Clearer Air

In 2000, Los Angeles was looking for an eco-friendly trip reduction solution to and from LAX that is also efficient and convenient. NTI responded by creating the first of its kind private “green” transit system in the city.

The first phase of consolidation eliminated more than 600,000 miles of vehicle traffic from LAX by cutting out more than 146,000 vehicle trips annually. This system initially consolidated the airport shuttle services of 9 individual hotel properties in the area.

Since we’ve been providing shuttle services to these hotels, our consolidation services have taken out more than 100,000 hours of idling buses spewing pollution inside and outside the terminals each year.

Annually, we’ve been conveying more than 2,220,000 passengers. Since then, more than 1,000,000 total miles of vehicle traffic has been eliminated from the streets in and around LAX.

Our Leaders

Jim Gleich, Owner-Partner, President & CEO

Jim has over 30 years of ground transportation experience. His last position before NTI was as a senior executive at a nationwide transportation provider. He had P&L responsibilities over $120 million in revenues for its most profitable region. Before that, he was the Senior VP in two different organizations within transportation services.

He has significant experience in consolidation transactions (Coach USA, Travelways, and Veolia), as well as post-transaction integration and operations. Jim has held officer or director responsibilities in preeminent industry associations and cooperatives.

He has close relationships with numerous passenger transportation companies and has a large management following. Jim lives in Las Vegas with his wife, is an avid golfer, and a pretty good second-string grandchild babysitter.

John Kindt, Owner-Partner, Exec VP & COO

John is Jim's business partner and has more than 20 years of experience in ground transportation. He's one of the "fathers" of airport shared-ride, having pioneered this in the mid-1980s. He founded Prime Time Shuttle as a young entrepreneur and developed shared-ride automation unparalleled in the industry, and a successful capital-light business model using highly motivated service-oriented owner-operator drivers.

At that time, he also co-founded Go Airport Shuttle, a national consortium of ground transportation operators now representing the largest ground transportation provider in the country. John has spent the rest of his professional life either running or creating companies.

For nearly a decade, he was a highly successful business consultant within a national advisory firm. John has a Presidents & Key Executives MBA from Pepperdine's Graziadio Business School. He lives in the South Bay of LA with his wife, loves hanging out with his five grown kids, and jumps in the South Bay year-round with his ocean swimming group for a mile or two.

Marc Jacobi, Interim CFO

Marc is a Certified Public Accountant and the sole owner of Marc A Jacobi & Associates located in Fredericksburg, Texas. Before Marc's relocation to the Hill Country of Texas he was CFO for Digital Voice Corporation, a spin-off entity from Telex Corporation, and a pioneer in digital transmission specializing in secure and encrypted technologies. As CFO, Marc was also a lead negotiator with federal government agencies, hotel chains, and strategic offices across the United States.

Marc had previous CFO stints in the manufacturing, distribution, and retail industries. He has a combined 42 years of Accounting and Management experience. Marc has a Finance degree from the University of Texas at Arlington with a minor in Accounting.

Marc coached youth sports for 29 seasons of baseball, softball, and soccer. In 1991, he coached his daughter’s soccer team in the Texas Tournament of Champions on their way to a Texas State Championship.

Today, Marc enjoys downtime with his wife on his Hill Country ranch tending to cattle, horses, and wildlife which include exotic and domestic deer, turkey, fish, and fowl.